fatagaga Het Geheim

 Het Geheim fatagaga Stefan Zoellner

Het Geheim
Limitierte Auflage von 25 Blechschachteln, mit jeweils 12 Grafiken und handschriftliche Notizen zu meinem KI-Projekt „Spargeltelefon“ und anderen geheimnisvollen Beiträgen … plus natürlich den physikalischen Tonträger. Für 50 € (zzgl. Versand und -falls er/sie eine Rechnung verlangt- 7 % MwSt) erhält man ein mit Liebe zusammengestelltes numeriertes, handsigniertes und gestempeltes Kunstwerk.

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Bestellung: info ät satori-hype-records.de

Catch Fire

Psycho Twins Stefan Zoellner Nobs Nietzsche Steve Delay Catch Fire


Catch Fire by PSYCHO TWINS
Music & Lyrics by Nobs Nietzsche.
Guitar by Steve Delay.
Obviously this one was prophetic …


catch fire

bad thoughts in mad brains
bad blood in blocked vains
bad behaviour in the streets
bad dreams in clammy sheets

bad craving for the stuff that
bad boys always needed
bad politician serves
bad industry

fall of mankind
bad world catch fire
fall of mankind
mad world catch fire

bad ideas incubated by
bad scientists
bad thoughts bred out by
bad racists

bad dumbbell from the army
bad march lock-step
bad virus, bad denier
bad unvaccinated

bad boys always do what they want
bad boys like to drop the bomb
bad boys always love to get higher
bad boys like to set the world on fire
bad boys never hesitate
bad boys never dissipate
bad boys get their teenage kicks
bad boys get into politics

December 3, 2021

Jim’s death anniversary

Psycho Twins Stefan Zoellner Nobs Nietzsche Steve Delay The Great Reset


The Great Reset by PSYCHO TWINS, July 3, 2021
we met at burned forest road, LaHoube, Vosges on July 3, 2021 and made this tune for Jim. The lyrics are quotes from the book „The Great Reset“ by Klaus Schwab. Music by Nobs Nietzsche. Cacophonic guitar solo by Steve Delay and Nobs Nietzsche. This song is the opener of our upcoming album „The End of Fear“. Coming soon …


Psycho Twins Stefan Zoellner Nobs Nietzsche Steve Delay Skinwalker


Skinwalker by PSYCHO TWINS, November 2020
lyrics and music by Nobs Nietzsche, 2nd voice and chorus/sologuitar by Steve Delay


you’re feeling awkward & you are locked-in
you want to take the pressure away
the flesh is weak & you walk the sin
you are a freak & I let you in

skinwalker in love with the devil
skinwalker in love with the evil

listen to your body & start to feel
the holy fire & the burning desire
hell boy kill hole, purging release
quick as a shot at the point of the pistol

you’re a shape shifter, you’re a changeling
hear the call of darkness & the prayers for dawn
now you are sleep walking & you walk alone
heading for the hot spot & I let you in

sleepwalker now you walk with the devil
sleepwalker now you walk with the evil

love is a monster but who is the hostage?
now more than ever in the gear of bondage
dear blood father you’re out of control
feel the holy fire running thru your vains