Catch Fire

Psycho Twins Stefan Zoellner Nobs Nietzsche Steve Delay Catch Fire


Catch Fire by PSYCHO TWINS
Music & Lyrics by Nobs Nietzsche.
Guitar by Steve Delay.
Obviously this one was prophetic …


catch fire

bad thoughts in mad brains
bad blood in blocked vains
bad behaviour in the streets
bad dreams in clammy sheets

bad craving for the stuff that
bad boys always needed
bad politician serves
bad industry

fall of mankind
bad world catch fire
fall of mankind
mad world catch fire

bad ideas incubated by
bad scientists
bad thoughts bred out by
bad racists

bad dumbbell from the army
bad march lock-step
bad virus, bad denier
bad unvaccinated

bad boys always do what they want
bad boys like to drop the bomb
bad boys always love to get higher
bad boys like to set the world on fire
bad boys never hesitate
bad boys never dissipate
bad boys get their teenage kicks
bad boys get into politics

December 3, 2021