fatagaga Satori Hype Records artists

the name referes to the dadaists Max Ernst and Hans Arp and their series of collages called FAbriquation des TAbleaux GAsometriques GArantis. fatagaga is not a musician but a creator of sound structures. He started with analogue recordings on a 4-track-recorder in the early 80ties, formed a noise guitar quartett, went further with electronic music in the 90ties, entered the new millenium with dark drones, returned to anti-music with fatagaga’s radical noise and is active today with several new projects …


Tourette Satori Hype Records artists

was a free noize project from Cologne, Germany.  Formed in 2011 by fatagaga as „fatagaga’s radical noise“. 2014 – 2016 relaunched as „Tourette“.

schwarzbrut – drums
fatagaga – elastic audio
techler – saxophon
schütz – guitar


Bonecrooners Satori Hype Records artists

is a project of two elderly gentlemen: Nobs Nietzsche and Thomekk. They merge sweetish crooning with unconventional but highly eclectic song structures.


DROM Satori Hype Records artists

was a project of Stan Lafleur, lyrics and spoken-words, and fatagaga, music. 1998 – 2000


Der Beginn einer wundervollen Freundschaft Satori Hype Records artists

Siggi Becker – Guitar
Stefan Zöllner – Bass
Doc – Drums
Rainer Schütz – Guitar

1990 – 1992


Nobs Nietzsche Satori Hype Records artists
was born in 1976, when he listened the first time the Doors album „Absolutly live“. The role model „Morrison“ was made to measure for him. From this moment on Punk was in the air. He was lost for any kind of middle-class existence … MORE