Divine Word Missionaries

Stefan Zoellner fatagaga Divine Word Missionaries

DIVINE WORD MISSIONARIES by fatagaga, 16.07.2019

first arrow splits the sky
& spins around to focus
the drug-white nerve net of the city

blood surges from the gully-mouth
like words well out off belly-wounds
welcome the awakened red hot god

one hand thunderclapping
& lightning puncture for the masses
to offend the sun & shut down coziness

heart beat betrays the enemy
his brain is luminous to the fore
open to reveal the codeword

campfires in the desert
incendiary eve of primary strike
smell the odor of his flying breath

a single beam of light
candles the egg-headed mouth
yelling since the big bang

cascades of bodies
deaths and entrances
egression to another nightmare

patriotic songs about
mental void that lasts forever
divine word missionaries

inspired by Dylan Thomas
and Robert Desnos/

The wind blows forward

Stefan Zoellner fatagaga The wind blows forward 2019

THE WIND BLOWS FORWARD by fatagaga, 27.06.2019

If you think of Gretsch as a Rockabilly guitar, which it certainly is, check this out. She can scream & howl too. I love her.



as the wind blows black thru the sky
impaled demon impacts on demand
spits out morbid flesh
& real physical sore blood
shimmering & translucent red
off-color maroon mucous mules
scummy like the subway
& darker than the universe

we all now witness
this artificial desease
penetrating all in a sudden & overnite
flying into our freak-frenzy archaic faces
burned in our hearts & psychic landscapes

each man says the opposite
of the good & the true & the beautiful
stomps with rusty shaky feet
stinky fingers squeezing & chumping
dancing crumbly carbon bones
on dusty & malodorous carpets
scummy like the subway
& darker than the universe

the wind blows forward & the wind blows back
thru rancid cists & incest fences
condemned ships & open chests
scattering our pale peeled grimacing faces
& burnt out hearts & hollow minds


Wine Into Water

Stefan Zoellner fatagaga wine into water 2019

WINE INTO WATER by fatagaga, 2019



White breasts of the dim sea
twining horses, two by two
wavewhite wedded words
shimmering on the saturnine tide

No more turn aside and brood
upon love’s bitter mysteries
If anyone thinks that I am not divine
I am turning water into wine

I contradict myself invain
no more free drinks
ask nothing more of me
wine becomes water again

A limp black missile
flew out of his talking hands
servant of two masters
the father and son idea

A dull ease of the mind
my father gave me seeds to sow
they sinned against the light
see the darkness in their eyes

Iris open wide in vision
henbane hair & seaweed lashes
we grow fins
and go back in the water again

inspired by
James Joyce & Captain Beefheart/

fatagaga _ DIRTY

Stefan Zoellner fatagaga dirty 1999

fatagaga live @ MTC Cologne 1999, the photo is an excerpt of a video by Michael Hanschmid

DIRTY by fatagaga, 1999

This track was recorded on analogue 4-track-tape which still was part of my workflow those days though I owned a Mac for quite some time … and I already got the MPC 2000 and the Roland MC 505 … working with these units was like playing instruments, the recording was absolutely live … and in these days I finished to play vinyl records …
the piece relates in many ways to the never realized album „Singularity“ of the year 2007

Music from the edge of my mind

Stefan Zoellner fatagaga Nobs Nietzsche music from the edge of my mind 1987

Nobs Nietzsche, photo by Red Sack, Mexico, 1989

Music from the edge of my mind, 1989

Is it a Nobs Nietzsche or a fatagaga track? … I don’t know. It goes back to the year 1989, when „fatagaga“ was yet unborn. I was deeply impressed by Brian Enos Apollo @ those times. This track is made with old analogue organs, detuned guitars and tape echoes, recorded on 4-track-tape, no synths involved …

Nosferatu – Theater im Delphi, Berlin

The S&M Accidental Orchestra Experience Berlin

3 February 2018 / Transmediale & CTM Vorspiel 2018
Theater im Delphi, Gustav-Adolf-Straße 2, 13086 Berlin, Germany

Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt (Accidental Guitar) | Wilfried Hanrath (Bass, Sounds) | Jens Prümpe | Stefan Zöllner aka fatagaga (Elektronic) | Norbert Zajac , Brigitte Küpper (Voice) | Gaby Bila-Günther (Word-Performance) | Simone Weißenfels (Piano) | Anja Kreysing (Akkordeon) | Oliver Rivera Drew (Percussion) | Diego Ferri (Sampler, Percussions) | Emiliano Pietrini (Theremin) | Ulrike Brand (Violoncello) | Andréa Bryan (Video-Performance) | Aude Françoise (Video, Performance)

Fotos by Bert Loewenherz


Transmedialer Nosferatu: Großes Kino im Delphi
What’s your Fear, Dear?

Eyeless Movie

fatagaga eyeless-movie on vimeo

Eyeless Movie by fatagaga

„Eyeless Movie“ composed and recorded by fatagaga in 2006 during the „cadavre art consulting “ sessions, a yet unreleased album for the Satori Hype Records label, mastered by fatagaga in 2013.

„Eyeless Movie“ is a mashup and editing of different animated GIFs collected in Ken’s show at WFMU, made by Stefan Zöllner in 2015.

Whoo whoo Guggaloo

Whoo whoo guggaloo by fatagaga.

The track „Whoo whoo guggaloo“ was composed and recorded by fatagaga in 2004. Originally entitled „Ass“. The video is a slowmotion fisheye editing of a cheap digicam’s output, filmed by Emily2000 in Mazarron / Spain. The title „Whoo whoo guggaloo“ is inspired by the Juggalo gatherings in the US that fatagaga discovered in 2012.