TOURETTE live @ Glashaus 2014

TOURETTE was a free noize project from Cologne, Germany, active from 2011-2016. The project name changes several times over the years. It started off as „fatagaga’s radical noise“, played some shows as „fatagaga“ and was reborn as „Tourette“ in 2014.

schütz – guitar
fatagaga – sample treatments
schwarzbrut – drums
techler – saxophon

Glashaus, Worringer Platz, Düsseldorf, 2014
Video by MAX

„The concert of the SWANS @ Gebäude9 in Cologne the other day was brutal loud, it attacked your abdominal membrane and dragged you down into depression. You were brutal loud too, but somehow you were moving upwards.“ (Sternchen)

If you like it or not

Another mashup of animated gifs, found @ Ken’s show,, compiled by SZ 2015

Music: „If you like it or not“ by Tourette, recorded 2014, Cologne, Germany
(Techler: sax, Schütz: guitar, Schwarzbrut: drums, fatagaga: elastic audio)
mastered @ I am the Light studio / Cologne / Germany / 2015

Effortless Miracles

This is a mashup of some animated gifs, which can be found @ Ken’s show,
Great respect for the nameless artists, I love these little artworks.
(I take my hat off to: Bill Domonkos)

„waxworks“ by Tourette, recorded 2014, Cologne, Germany
(Techler sax, Schütz guitar, Schwartzbrut drums, fatagaga elastic audio)