Review: Laudanum Vol 1

Fatagaga – Laudanum Vol 1
Soleilmoon Recordings
SOL 111 Cd

Note to Fatagaga: Do not pepper your press releases with hyperbole and comparisons! I would personally question the wisdom of naming influences like Eno, Steve Roach and Thomas Koener. It’s all so unnecessary because this is actually a fine piece of work. It rarely breaks sweat and occasionally the low bass drones mess with your speakers in a „maybe I should have mastered this recording“ kind of way. Laudanum is a land of half-light and flickering moths. It is a dream world that both invites you in and shuts the door gently. The walls seem to mutter to you in words that you can’t quite understand. It is not an entirely unpleasant place to be.

reviewed by Mark Spybey (Zoviet France)


(this review was sent to me via Soleilmoon Recordings, noone knows where it has been published)

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