Psycho Twins Stefan Zoellner Nobs Nietzsche Steve Delay Skinwalker


Skinwalker by PSYCHO TWINS, November 2020
lyrics and music by Nobs Nietzsche, 2nd voice and chorus/sologuitar by Steve Delay


you’re feeling awkward & you are locked-in
you want to take the pressure away
the flesh is weak & you walk the sin
you are a freak & I let you in

skinwalker in love with the devil
skinwalker in love with the evil

listen to your body & start to feel
the holy fire & the burning desire
hell boy kill hole, purging release
quick as a shot at the point of the pistol

you’re a shape shifter, you’re a changeling
hear the call of darkness & the prayers for dawn
now you are sleep walking & you walk alone
heading for the hot spot & I let you in

sleepwalker now you walk with the devil
sleepwalker now you walk with the evil

love is a monster but who is the hostage?
now more than ever in the gear of bondage
dear blood father you’re out of control
feel the holy fire running thru your vains