Nosferatu – Announcement

Nosferatu Theater im Delpi Berlin

3 February 2018 / Transmediale & CTM Vorspiel 2018

The S&M Accidental Orchestra Experience

Theater im Delphi
Gustav-Adolf-Straße 2, 13086 Berlin, Germany

Eyeless Movie

fatagaga eyeless-movie on vimeo

Eyeless Movie by fatagaga

„Eyeless Movie“ composed and recorded by fatagaga in 2006 during the „cadavre art consulting “ sessions, a yet unreleased album for the Satori Hype Records label, mastered by fatagaga in 2013.

„Eyeless Movie“ is a mashup and editing of different animated GIFs collected in Ken’s show at WFMU, made by Stefan Zöllner in 2015.

Whoo whoo Guggaloo

Whoo whoo guggaloo by fatagaga.

The track „Whoo whoo guggaloo“ was composed and recorded by fatagaga in 2004. Originally entitled „Ass“. The video is a slowmotion fisheye editing of a cheap digicam’s output, filmed by Emily2000 in Mazarron / Spain. The title „Whoo whoo guggaloo“ is inspired by the Juggalo gatherings in the US that fatagaga discovered in 2012.

Nosferatu – Traumathek

The S&M Accidental Orchestra Cologne performs to

Friday, thirteenth – a perfect day to play the live soundtrack for the classic horror movie „Nosferatu – Eine Symphonie des Grauens“ at the Traumathek in Cologne in October 2017.

The S&M Accidental Orchestra Cologne:

Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt: guitar
fatagaga: electronics
Soma Celim: electronics
Norbert Zajac: vocals
Brigitte Küpper: vocals
Andréa Bryan: video-performance
Wilfried Hanrath: bass-guitar

Thanks to the Traumathek Videostore & Filmcafé Cologne and Bianca Heuckeroth of Hunkydory-Events

Licht-Dirigat in Wuppertal

Licht Dirigat

LICHTDIRIGAT November 7, 2015

– Andreas Techler(Sax)
– Hartmut Dicke (Sax)
– Rainer Weber (Bass-Klarinette)
– Volker Rapp (Klavier)
– Wilfried Hanrath (E-Bass)
– fatagaga (Elastic Audio)
– Brigitte Küpper (Voc)
– Norbert Zajac (Voc)
– Jürgen Tauchert (Gitarre)
– Guido Conen (Schlagzeug)
– Taka Kagitomi (Performance)
– Mary-Noele Dupuis (Stimme/Dirigat/Text)

surprise guests

– Bea Dickas (Electronics)
– Wolfgang Simons (Gitarre)

audio editing & mastering by fatagaga November 8, 2015

exhibition: Felix Balzer, Skulptur
24. Oktober – 22. November 2015

location: Kunststation, Wuppertal-Vohwinkel
(Tine & Ecki Lowisch)

If you like it or not

Another mashup of animated gifs, found @ Ken’s show,, compiled by SZ 2015

Music: „If you like it or not“ by Tourette, recorded 2014, Cologne, Germany
(Techler: sax, Schütz: guitar, Schwarzbrut: drums, fatagaga: elastic audio)
mastered @ I am the Light studio / Cologne / Germany / 2015

Effortless Miracles

This is a mashup of some animated gifs, which can be found @ Ken’s show,
Great respect for the nameless artists, I love these little artworks.
(I take my hat off to: Bill Domonkos)

„waxworks“ by Tourette, recorded 2014, Cologne, Germany
(Techler sax, Schütz guitar, Schwartzbrut drums, fatagaga elastic audio)