Whoo whoo Guggaloo

Whoo whoo guggaloo by fatagaga.

The track „Whoo whoo guggaloo“ was composed and recorded by fatagaga in 2004. Originally entitled „Ass“. The video is a slowmotion fisheye editing of a cheap digicam’s output, filmed by Emily2000 in Mazarron / Spain. The title „Whoo whoo guggaloo“ is inspired by the Juggalo gatherings in the US that fatagaga discovered in 2012.

Nosferatu – Traumathek

The S&M Accidental Orchestra Cologne performs to

Friday, thirteenth – a perfect day to play the live soundtrack for the classic horror movie „Nosferatu – Eine Symphonie des Grauens“ at the Traumathek in Cologne in October 2017.

The S&M Accidental Orchestra Cologne:

Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt: guitar
fatagaga: electronics
Soma Celim: electronics
Norbert Zajac: vocals
Brigitte Küpper: vocals
Andréa Bryan: video-performance
Wilfried Hanrath: bass-guitar

Thanks to the Traumathek Videostore & Filmcafé Cologne and Bianca Heuckeroth of Hunkydory-Events

Licht-Dirigat in Wuppertal

Licht Dirigat

LICHTDIRIGAT November 7, 2015

– Andreas Techler(Sax)
– Hartmut Dicke (Sax)
– Rainer Weber (Bass-Klarinette)
– Volker Rapp (Klavier)
– Wilfried Hanrath (E-Bass)
– fatagaga (Elastic Audio)
– Brigitte Küpper (Voc)
– Norbert Zajac (Voc)
– Jürgen Tauchert (Gitarre)
– Guido Conen (Schlagzeug)
– Taka Kagitomi (Performance)
– Mary-Noele Dupuis (Stimme/Dirigat/Text)

surprise guests

– Bea Dickas (Electronics)
– Wolfgang Simons (Gitarre)

audio editing & mastering by fatagaga November 8, 2015

exhibition: Felix Balzer, Skulptur
24. Oktober – 22. November 2015

location: Kunststation, Wuppertal-Vohwinkel
(Tine & Ecki Lowisch)

If you like it or not

Another mashup of animated gifs, found @ Ken’s show, wfmu.org, compiled by SZ 2015

Music: „If you like it or not“ by Tourette, recorded 2014, Cologne, Germany
(Techler: sax, Schütz: guitar, Schwarzbrut: drums, fatagaga: elastic audio)
mastered @ I am the Light studio / Cologne / Germany / 2015

Effortless Miracles

This is a mashup of some animated gifs, which can be found @ Ken’s show, wfmu.org.
Great respect for the nameless artists, I love these little artworks.
(I take my hat off to: Bill Domonkos)

„waxworks“ by Tourette, recorded 2014, Cologne, Germany
(Techler sax, Schütz guitar, Schwartzbrut drums, fatagaga elastic audio)