Trying in vain

Nobs Nietzsche, 1986 (selfie on vending machine)

Nobs Nietzsche _ trying in vain

song written, played and 4-track-recorded by Nobs Nietzsche in 1983

Well I’m in love with the sugar honey girl
& I can’t sleep at night, she ain’t close to me
I climb on her rooftop & I knock on her door
I crash trough her window & I fall to the floor

trying to come up to you, trying

I’m stalking in her garden, in the shadow of a tree
It’s a hot summer night, 35 degree

She’s walking down the street with her face in the wind
Her eyes far away & her hair is burning
I’m crossing her way, the way she must walk
I’m buying 1000 roses & I’m trying to talk

trying to come up to you, trying

I’m jumping around, I’m saying hello
I’ve got the speed, but I feel too slow