I can’t agree

Nobs Nietzsche, 1987 (photo by Mathias Miklaw)

Nobs Nietzsche _ I can’t agree

track composed, performed & recorded by Nobs Nietzsche in 1987

a stupid game is that game we play
little habits rule, night & day
so we fight with ambition erections
fight & push for second hand satisfactions

I used to think about the stuff they pray
but I can’t agree, it’s not my way
security dreams of an unclean brain
build yourself your prison mr. business man

a dirty sky above our polished town
I hope it rains ‚til the leaves turn brown
I wish it could rain pure acid & fire
I wish it could rain some purifier

now I got this girl, she looks so fine
but no matter how why try, we can’t find the common line
so what the fuck is wrong with me
I feel like a stranger, I can’t agreee

no adventure, no good vibration
all I see is this boring legion
of lucky monkeys, deeply asleep
lucky idiots, a flock of sheeps