Wine Into Water

Stefan Zoellner fatagaga wine into water 2019

WINE INTO WATER by fatagaga, 2019



White breasts of the dim sea
twining horses, two by two
wavewhite wedded words
shimmering on the saturnine tide

No more turn aside and brood
upon love’s bitter mysteries
If anyone thinks that I am not divine
I am turning water into wine

I contradict myself invain
no more free drinks
ask nothing more of me
wine becomes water again

A limp black missile
flew out of his talking hands
servant of two masters
the father and son idea

A dull ease of the mind
my father gave me seeds to sow
they sinned against the light
see the darkness in their eyes

Iris open wide in vision
henbane hair & seaweed lashes
we grow fins
and go back in the water again

inspired by
James Joyce & Captain Beefheart/