Meet the great ageless

Stefan Zoellner fatagaga Meet the great ageless

MEET THE GREAT AGELESS by fatagaga, 2019

Audio drama about a deep Ayahuasca experience.

in comes the medicine
disturbing twilight of reality
anxious thoughts & doubtful feelings
overwhelmed jingle-jangled nerves
assaulted by bubbly lively imagery
squirming discarnate snakes & dragons
messengers from the other world
hairy hands & shiny claws
drawing you towards & inside the eternal black
abyss of pain & agony
sins, dirt, deformity & horniness
slime, disgust & lewdness
ancient injuries & childhood drama
whimpering & purging
longing for forgiveness
longing for peace of mind
excruciating darkness of soul
complete destruction of the ego
discomposure & bitter surrender
bad chemical taste & odor
explosions in the sacral bone
flash of lightning in every cell of the body
release, relax now
breath, deep breath
soaring flights of joy
diamant tears of gratitude
sudden exfoliation of higher levels
unfathomable complexity of vision
light-colored symbols fan out from the heart
love spreads from the anahata
crystal waves vibrate from the third eye
inconceivable & intangible creations
bob up simultanously & multidimensionaly
myness and innerness
witness of the evolving universe
watching the cosmic bloom unfold
waiting for the highest to show up
hoping, begging, crying
open up my heart
please open up my heart completely
who are you
who are you
again darkness & emptiness
again nothingness & stillness
remain silent
no answer
dying breath
the end
break through
here it comes
I am the ageless
I am the deathless
I am the light
I am
I am