fatagaga – the celebration of the chameleon

shr-cd011 _2006

fatagaga about “The celebration of the chameleon”:
„This record is inspired by some persons out there who put forth the proposition, that a technological singularity will change everything we know very soon. Our world changes faster and faster. Technological developement will replace biological evolution. Maybe the spirit beyond the known world is a chameleon who likes movement, surprises, leaps in the dark … so, don’t panic about the blue planet, the future in outer space is bright.“

Atmospheric inscapes, covered in warm blankets. Sounds like a long deep breath or a self-induced organic vibration. Moaning, howling and murmuring over space pianos. Where there‘s a beat it‘s monotonous and slow. After all this harmonic and overall friendly escapism, the CD ends up in a slap-bang exploding and frightening stream of digital noise with a computervoice proclaming a strange theory.

recorded @ wondervalley studio Cologne, 2005/2006
*startsample originally by rapoon
** recorded @ sondermann studio Cologne, 2001

„the celebration of the chameleon“ comes with beautiful artwork edition, the CD’s skin changes chameleon-like: each item handmade, unique and numbered
price for the CDR is without postage, here you can calculate shipping (you can do it after collect all you want)



„Fine solo ambient, dark twiddling computer generated sounds. Tracks blend together. Heavy on the echo, goes with the genre. From Germany. Tempted to play several in a row late some night…“ (read more @ zookeeper online)


„… the concept album „The Celebration of the Chameleon“ deals with fast technological developments which will rapidly change our world and/or replace biological evolution. The athmospheric CD contains 13 tracks with deep experimental/organic flavoured textures, effects and occasionally some slow beats. Well, listening and experiencing its content is a rather weird experience, as you never know what`s waiting for you on every new track. This is in-depth, slowly morphing and well produced music, but certainly not easy ambient. I can`t compare it with anything I know in this genre.“ (read @ www.e-ditionmag.com)


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